Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Poem for Anosmic

Credit : http://jennystevning.blogspot.com

Im not christian anyway and im not celebrate christmas,
but when i read this poem it warmed my heart, i knew there's people out there have the same affliction like me,
Because yes, I've got ANOSMIA (read about my explanation about anosmia here)
This was posted to the FB anosmia group by Ken Houston of Edinburgh. Thought some here might like it.

(Or an anosmic’s ode to the festive season)

Christmas is coming, goose getting fat;

But the poor old anosmic wants none of that;

As everyone else talks food and drink;
He looks for a hole in which to sink.
Roast beef or turkey with cranberry sauce;
Only accentuate the sense of loss;
As for his favourite, Christmas pud;
He’s forgotten why once it tasted so good.

Rather than Christmas he prefers New Year;
When going on the piss brings some cheer;
Of course he can taste neither whisky nor gin;
But at least these help lift the despair he’s in.

Now he’s writing his letter to Santa;
Hope against hope there’s one wish he’ll grant ya;
But he seeks not an iPad nor designer clothes;
All he wants for Christmas is a brand new nose.

And i found this video, titled “Smelling Keeps You Happy,”

to all fellow anosmics, here’s hoping for a more tasteful New Year!

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