[Personal Project] Reading the World

Since i knew about TED Talk a moment ago, I really am addictive with this "thing". I watch every TED Talk that inspired me, about Technology, Science, Social Problem, Book, or anything.
Until that day, I watch Ann Morgan TED Talk about her journey reading books around the globe, and that's really open my mind about literary of the World.

Here the thing I want to ask you,
Turn around, and look your book shelf, believe me, most of it must be books that written by Indonesian author (If you are Indonesian), or American or English author, right?
Okay, maybe you are some adventurous person, and you read some book from Japanese author (Haruki Murakami), Brazilian author (Paulo Coelho), Turkish author (Orhan Pamuk). That's good, but trust me, you read it because some of their book have a label "International Best Seller". 
Well, that's okay, because I am too . . .

Nah, to open my eye and my mind to find treasure in foreign literature so I set this personal project.
I will read translated book from all the country in the world!! 
and what's the goal?
Nothing biggie, i just hope with reading through this foreign book, I will know more about other country, history, social life, habit and it's purely for educated my mind.
Because I read and write a review, I hope some publisher will notice and maybe will translated foreign book one or two. *fingercrossed* 

to tracking my reading journey, here is a map to indicated the book I already read.

do you want to join me?

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  1. I seem to be cultivating an interesting blog niche for myself, with running and reading (of course, not to be outdone by the queen of that niche, Tara at Running n Reading), but other than my family, they are the biggest things in my life. So I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy sharing them. :)
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